Radiation Treatment For Skin Cancer

In radiation treatment of skin cancer, X-rays are used to destroy the cancerous cells. Many visits to the doctor will be required for a tumor to be completely eliminated. A fair amount of time is required. Radiation treatment is used against skin cancers that return many times or do not respond to any other form of treatment.

Radiation treatment is not the first and default choice for curing skin cancer, but in many patients it is the only available treatment. The condition or the health of the patient, or other circumstances may necessitate the use of radiation treatment.Radiation treatment may be used against skin cancers for many reasons. Other forms of treatment may be ruled out because of the patient’s other health conditions.

The area where the skin cancer is either too large or in an area that is not conducive to treatment with surgery are other reasons that radiation treatment might be sought. It is always possible that a skin cancer has been treated but is reoccurring frequently.

This type of treatment has been shown to have some success for difficult skin cancers. In patients who were experiencing a fifty percent reoccurrence of their skin cancer the radiation treatment dropped that number to twenty five percent.

There are some risks to treating skin cancer with radiation, however. You may develop new skin cancers in the area that surround the affected area. If the skin cancer reoccurs after the treatment it may be that much harder to treat because of the radiation. And you might experience damage to your healthy skin in the same area.

There are also side effects to consider when you are thinking about skin cancer radiation treatment. You will experience fatigue, nausea, hair loss and redness in the area. Generally the side effects will disappear when the treatment is stopped.

Your doctor should have already discussed this kind of treatment for your skin cancer if you are seriously considering it. You will need to be very careful in reviewing your situation, to ensure that this treatment suits your needs. Radiation may not be the best option for treating you skin cancer, and your doctor should consider all other treatment options before proceeding with radiation treatment.

The pharmacological function of lycopene

Lycopene is a kind of natural pigment in plants. As an antioxidant, it can significantly reduce oxidative damage of lymphocytes which induced by the body peroxidation, slowing the formation of atherosclerosis and other functions. Its antioxidant is 100 times of vitamins. Singlet oxygen and free radicals are the main reason for human aging, but also related to the body’s immune capacity. Lycopene protects phagocytic cells from the body oxidative damage, promoting lymphocyte proliferation, stimulating the function of effector cells, enhance the ability of macrophages kill tumor cells, reduce lymphocytes oxidative damaged, and promote certain interleukin producing.

Market studies have shown that lycopene has excellent physiological functions. It not only has the effect of anti-cancer, but also has important implications for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and other adult diseases, strengthens the immune system and anti-aging and so on, is a promising new functionality natural pigment.

Inhibition of cancer

Lycopene can effectively inhibit cancer cell proliferation and replication, nutrition and medical field are called it as “plant gold”, has wonderful effects on preventing prostate disease, prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, uterine cancer. Lycopene has a role in the prevention and suppression of tumor, on one hand it was due to its antioxidant effects; one the other hand it was because lycopene can block the gene mutation process of cells under the action of the external mutagenic agents, this is an important mechanism of tumorigenesis. Lycopene may affect the stage of breast cancer, lung cancer and uterine cancer cell cycle; lycopene by inhibiting the transformed stage of the cell cycle to influence the growth of cells. When cells become cancerous, the binding of the cell gap becomes weak, lycopene can promote protein synthesis which can maintain cell gap normally binding, thus increasing the binding of the cell gap, effectively inhibit cancer. Studies have shown that lycopene has certain inhibition effect on gastrointestinal cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, bladder cancer.

The effectiveness of protective cardiovascular function

Lycopene can protect high-density lipoprotein from oxidative damage, regulate cholesterol metabolism, so that can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. While Dutch scholar determined the carotenoids content of subcutaneous fat of myocardial infarction patients found that the patient’s lycopene content is lower than normal people, and the carotene content also significantly lower than normal human, it was indicating that these types of carotenoids are closely related to the occurrence of myocardial infarction. Pharmaceutical raw materials suppliers confirmed that taking natural lycopene can reduce serum cholesterol, prevent high cholesterol or hyperlipidemia, slowing the development of cardiovascular disease. Another study found that hyperlipidemia patients who did not receive lipid-lowering therapy, their body concentration of serum lycopene and carotene are lower than normal people.

It is visible that the role of lycopene is really broad, and the distribution also very wide, it was suitable for prostate disease, cancer patients, people who living in serious environmental pollution areas, elderly population which has low immunity and people who need to anti-aging. Therefore, we should pay attention to these roles and functions of lycopene.

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ENT Doctor For Children, Always Available

Every single day, people get to listen to varying news about advances in medicine, but did you observe that it’s also coupled by the discovery of a new virus strain that targets specific body systems? Regardless of how scientists find a method of escaping or curing a disease, it is evident that not all treatments are effective; thus, the need to comprehend the importance of illness prevention.

Among the primary causes of death and exploration today is a condition a lot of people know as cancer. It is a debilitating disease that chooses no one; which means that no matter how old you are, you can be struck by this life-threatening crisis. Up until now, researchers haven’t gotten the chance to pinpoint the main cause of cancer, thus, the importance of creating a lifestyle change that can put a stop to other ailments from taking place and possibly stopping those that really promote the growth and multiplication of cancer cells in the body.

Cancer does not only occur in adults, it also affects kids, especially those that have a compromised immune system. During the early years of life, kids often experience problems that upset the ears, nose, and throat; and these should not be taken for granted because of the undeniable fact that major diseases also occur in these areas. Scheduled appointment to the ENT doctor for children should be written in every parent’s schedule; this, in a way, is also a preventive measure.

Sometimes, a regular cough or cold tends to become neglected which then leads to a sore throat, again progressing to more problems and in many cases masking the real one.

So an appointment to the ENT clinic should not only be during sick days. As said, what if the case of the child is not even close to merely an inflamed lymph node; what if it already refers to the need to consult a thyroid lumps specialist due to a more serious situation like cancer?

Ovarian Cysts: The Post-Menopausal Reasons, Menaces And Answers

Ovarian cysts can still occur after menopause even though this is less frequent than before. Women after menopause with an ovarian cyst that does not respond to conservative management may need to undergo an oophorectomy. In this case the ovaries are removed within a clinical bag so that the system cannot rupture inside the cavity of the peritonea. The recommendation for women after menopause is to take a sonography test for CA 125 using a transvaginal grayscale. Doppler scans, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are all less useful for system detection after menopause. The best solution to understand the situation with ovarian cysts is transvaginal ultrasound because of the increased sensitivity and detail with this method. Nonetheless, transabdominal assessment should be used for larger cysts.

Although it may be advisable to suspect all ovarian cysts of being malignant in a woman after the menopause, to be completely sure requires a full laparotomy and staging procedure. Some seventeen percent of women after menopause contract ovarian cysts. There is no optimal solution to manage the cysts. Most of them will spontaneously be reabsorbed causing no major problem. Ovarian cysts and malignancy do not seem to be very correlated but ovarian cancer is showing a worrying increase in older women. If the cancer spreads beyond the ovary then survival is statistically unlikely. Recent research on ovarian cysts after the menopause from a sample of 226 women suggests that ovarian cysts that are benign are smaller than 50 mm in diameter and can benefit from safe management using constant monitoring of the cyst dimensions and the levels of CA125.

For a post-menopausal woman, ovarian cysts spark two questions, the first about the best management and the second on where the treatment should be done. A general gynecologist will be able to handle women with low risk, but for women at an intermediate risk level referral should be made to a cancer unit and if the level of risk is high, they should be accompanied to a cancer center. When used with an index to register the risk of malignancy, the revision of management changes should be done accordingly. A typical test is the check on CA125 that is practiced in over four out of five cases. A cutoff of 30 u/ml is used most often and the test sensitivity is 81 percent with specificity of 75 percent. The use of ultrasound has been registered at 89 percent sensitivity and 73 percent specificity. Doppler sonography with color flow has in addition been found to correctly assess ovarian cysts. Examining the fluid cytologically from an ovarian cyst gives less precise results in order to find out if a tumor is benign or not. The sensitivity is only approximately 25 percent with a greater menace of the cyst rupturing.

It is the high-risk malignancy index that indicates all ovarian cysts in women after menopause that are suspected of being malignant. If there are suspicious clinical findings using laparoscopy then a full laparotomy and other staging procedures are to be used. These must be done by a qualified surgeon within a multidisciplinary team in a cancer center that is certified. The extended midline incision should comprise the cytology in the form of ascites or washings, biopsies from areas and adhesions under suspicion, and laparotomy that is well documented, BSO, TAH and infra-colic omentectomy. In the laparoscopic management of ovarian cysts in women after the menopause the recommendation is often for oophorectomy rather than cystectomy. It is a common mistake to select the ovarian cyst fluid for a cytological assessment in an attempt to ascertain cyst malignancy. The accuracy factor is only 25 percent in this instance and there is also the danger of the cyst breaking. If the cyst is malignant this could then have severe repercussions impacting the chances of survival of the individual. Therefore one may conclude that aspiration has no specific part to play in the management of asymptomatic ovarian cysts after the menopause. Nonetheless, together with laparotomy and laparoscopy it might be part of the preliminary surgical management.

A holistic approach is the only way to liberate yourself from a situation of ovarian cysts after the menopause. Ovarian cysts after the menopause like many other chronic health complaints have no unique cause. For this reason, conventional medicine that only targets a specific symptom will not succeed in remedying ovarian cysts. Several factors will in fact provoke the formation of an ovarian cyst. Some of these factors directly trigger the development of ovarian cysts, and others act indirectly to play a secondary role to aggravate existing cysts. Although conventional medicine may be of use in dealing with a primary cause, these indirect factors will linger and provoke further complications. Because multiple factors cause ovarian cysts, the treatment should also be multi-dimensional. This is the only solution for getting to the root of the problem and removing cysts for good.

Do Pancreatic Cysts Increase Cancer Risks?

With only an estimated 53,000 new cases reported in the United States annually, pancreatic cancer is far from being the most commonly diagnosed form of this disease. This diagnosis, however, can be one of the most troubling for patients. With an estimated five-year survival rate of less than 10 percent, this form of cancer has the dubious distinction of being one of the deadliest. In fact, an estimated 41,000 Americans die from this cause each year.

Considering the discouraging statistics surrounding pancreatic cancer, it should come as little surprise researchers are working around the clock to better understand this form of cancer. They are also dedicated to finding ways to better detect this disease and beat it if it is diagnosed. A recent study into the role pancreatic cysts may play in the cancer’s development is helping enhance understanding.

To gain insights into the significance of pancreatic cysts as a precursor for cancer, researchers recently looked into the records of more than 500,000 patients. Of that large number, nearly 760 were diagnosed with pancreatic cysts. Over the course of time, just under 20 were ultimately diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In the much larger, non-cyst group, more than 1,200 were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer down the road.

The relatively high percentage of people in the cyst group who received a diagnosis of cancer eventually shows that cysts can serve as a bellwether for pancreatic cancer, researchers say. In fact, those with cysts were found to be about 19.6 times more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than those without.

While more research is required to better understand the role pancreatic cysts may play in an eventual diagnosis of cancer, the current findings are significant. If the link between cysts and cancer holds up more readily under study, it could serve as a way for doctors to help prevent the eventual formation of pancreatic cancer.

At present, pancreatic cancer is among the hardest forms of the disease to detect in its earlier stages. The disease presents with very few symptoms at first, if any. Widespread screening tests are also not available for this form of the disease.

People who are diabetic, have suffered from pancreatitis and have a family history of pancreatic cancer are among those at risk for this disease. If pancreatic cancer is a concern, it is advised that a discussion with a personal healthcare provider take place to assess personal risks. If caught early, pancreatic cancer can sometimes be successfully treated.

UK Breast Cancer Screening Campaigns Indeed Away Forward

Taking care of your health should be your prime responsibility. With the passage of time new things have been introduced and more are on their way. We can take example of Media which has become more powerful now. No one can deny the powers of media. The globalization has also made this possible to create awareness about any particular issue now without any hurdle. Just take the example of UK breast cancer screening campaigns; you will surely notice the change after reading about the several campaigns. The point here is to highlight all the important points that need to be highlighted with regards to all types of cancers in women. We can start it at individual level by establishing an understanding with the entire essential attached aspects, for examples knowing symptoms can make you realize the situation. Let’s start from here through awareness among the masses.

Is there occurrence of any change?
Women’s bodies are on the constant change. There are few biological factors involved in it as well. Sometimes the very common or normal change can eventually end up as cancer symptoms, so always remain concerned about the changes in your body to avoid any serious situation.

Alterations in the Breast:
It is not necessary that all the breast lumps eventually proves that its breast cancer, but you shouldn’t ignore if experiencing any. So go through a breast screening if,

* Skin over breast is lumpiness or wrinkling
* Any change in the nipples
* Discharge from nipples
* Change of breast’s skin completion

After noticing these initial symptoms, one should consult a doctor for further teats and physical examination.
Bloating is considered as a very common health issues in women. It is also said that it’s very natural for a woman if she is facing this issue, but if someone is constantly in this situation with some weight loss, she should be worried about this. This issue can lead you to the ovarian cancer so consult your doctor for proper testing and exploring the issue.

Skin Changes:
Such skin changes can be seen in various dimensions like the shape, complexion, spots or change in the size of any particular area. Don’t ignore these signs. This can be skin cancer.

Blood in Your Urine or Stool:
If you are experiencing bleeding from some part of the body which is unusual like having blood in stool, though it can be because of the hemorrhoids even but can also be because of the colon cancer so try to find out more about it. The same way blood in your urine can be a symptom of kidneys or bladder cancer. But it can also be a symptom of colon cancer. Ignoring symptoms can never be the solution. Go behind them to reach to the actual situation.

Need of Exertion in Swallowing:
Though it’s not a very dangerous symptom itself, because it can be something related with the choice or some other factors but can be dangerous if the issues remains with you for a long time or happens more often. It becomes fatal with other symptoms like vomiting or reduction in weight. You much visit doctor as this can lead to stomach or throat cancer.

There are many other symptoms and unfortunately very types of cancer as well but the real point is to concentrate on yourself and be an initiator of any of the campaigns whether its UK breast cancer screening or in some other part of the world because people will listen to you.

The Shocking Truth About the Link Between Heartburn and Cancer

Gastric acid that flows backwards from the stomach and up into the esophagus is called heartburn, or acid indigestion. The walls of the esophageal tube, which runs from the back of the throat down into the stomach, can be damaged by stomach acid. The pain of heartburn is related to start in the upper abdominal area and spreads into the lower breastbone region. It is described most often as a severe to moderate burning sensation, which is apt when you think about it. Often, a small amount of sour tasting bile is regurgitated up into the mouth. Heartburn usually starts after a meal or when lying down, especially, for some reason, at night.

Oh My Aching Esophagus

The studies that have been completed indicate that roughly 10% of adults have experiences with heartburn weekly, while another 30% are reporting monthly bouts. Women who are pregnant are particularly susceptible to heartburn as the unborn child forces the stomach contents up and into the esophagus. The next time you have heartburn, make a note of your symptoms, and see if you agree with this assessment of burning.

What You Can Do

There are several things that you can do to avoid having to suffer through heartburn.

* Coffee, tea, aspirin, alcohol, and ibuprofen should be avoided.

* Citrus, fatty foods, tomatoes, and fruit should be avoided.

* Quit smoking.

* Focus on relaxing while you take your meals. If mealtime is a time for relaxation, stress is less likely. This should help reduce the risk of heartburn, which studies have pointed out may be related to mealtime stress.

* Do not stand while you eat. Always find a comfortable place to sit.

* Wait a few hours before lying down. Studies show that if you lie down right after a meal, you are more likely to experience heartburn.

* Elevate the head of your bed to about the height of a cinderblock, which is 6 to 8 inched higher than the foot of the bed. This allows gravity to help in prevention.

* Loose fitting clothes may help alleviate heartburn.

* Antacid medication helps but is high in sodium.

* New mediations, called H(2) blockers are supposed to decrease the amount of acid produced in the stomach. If you are taking these medications and your heartburn symptoms persist after two weeks, you will need to contact the prescribing physician.

Heartburn And Cancer

There are cases of pre-cancerous conditions developing in people who are prone to heartburn. If you are a frequent heartburn sufferer, you should make an appointment with your family physician and voice your concerns. This is especially important if you or anyone in your immediate family has ever had cancer. This is also true if you have a history of cancer in your family tree. Esophageal cancer is the eighth most common form of cancer in the world and studies are linking it directly to heartburn.

The Fake Heart Attack

There are numerous over the counter medications that are designed to help in the fight against heartburn, which has been mistaken for heart attack pain. If you have heartburn so severely that you believe that you might be suffering from a heart attack, it is definitely time for you to do something about it.

Foods That Must Not Be Included On a Gastritis Diet

Some of you might not experience the pain of people who are suffering from gastritis. Actually, if you are not aware of this disorder, a large portion of the population in the world is suffering from this. It is a kind of disorder wherein the stomach lining gets irritated providing a terrible pain on the stomach. There are a lot of factors associated with the occurrence of gastritis.

If you are taking non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs or medications, there is a big chance that you will develop this kind of disorder. Also, if you are an alcoholic person and you experience stress all the time, you can also develop gastritis.

When it comes to symptoms, most of the people suffering from gastritis may suffer from all or a combination of bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain, stomach cramps after eating, loss of appetite and vomiting. These are the common symptoms that are shown by people with gastritis.

Since gastritis is a disorder on the stomach, it means that food may also a have a direct effect on the treatment or worsening of the disease. As a matter of fact, if you are not aware about the foods that you need to avoid, it may lead to stomach cancer. You need to know the best gastritis diet to prevent the worsening of the disease.

To begin your diet plan, the most important thing to do is to know the foods that must not be included on your diet. Try to avoid foods that are deep fried, pickles, fatty foods, spicy and salty foods and pepper. You must also avoid vinegar at any cost and do not add foods on your diet that is made from vinegar, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, citric acid and caffeine. Try to avoid foods with high fat and high cholesterol content. These foods are very hard to digest. If the stomach is strained too much, your gastritis may lead to a more severe disorder.

Basically, the main point of producing a diet for gastritis is to lessen the intake of acid to the body. Too much acid can cause the linings of the stomach to collapse and inflame the walls of the stomach, which is the main reason for the severe stomach pain. Also, if you are taking medications like aspirin or ibuprofen, make sure that you seek the advice of your health care provider before taking it. If it is not taken the right way, it may worsen your gastritis. You can easily control the symptoms of gastritis if you can find the best diet to support your treatment.

Liver Cleansing Diet – Practicing A Diet For Liver Cancer

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a common form of liver disease, and based on many research studies, it may cause cirrhosis, liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma and, eventually, liver failure. Thus, in order to avoid liver cancer, especially for those who currently have a fatty liver disease, it is important to care for one’s liver by getting an active way of life and adhering to a proper and healthy diet.

A balanced and healthy diet for liver cancer prevention is among the ways to avoid further liver damage. Fatty liver disease is a liver damage brought about by excessive fat, specifically triglycerides, build up in the liver, which is why regulation through a balanced diet for liver cancer prevention is important.

Basically, a diet plan for liver cancer prevention should include a balance of low fat or non-fat food, especially dairy products; high fiber consumption by means of vegetables and fruit; and complex carbohydrates that can be identified in whole grains, brown rice, and wheat bread. A person ought to also consider the essential vitamins, minerals, and food groups to be able to have an effective diet for liver cancer prevention.

Even though meats are a great source of protein, too much of protein will stress the liver much more, making meats difficult to easily fit in a perfect diet for liver cancer prevention. Instead, try seafood, beans, and lean meat – and particularly those that have only been steamed or boiled.

In achieving a successful diet plan for liver cancer prevention, vegetables and fruit ought to always be present especially green vegetables and citrus fruits, which contain folic acid and vitamin C, respectively. The most significant thing that a person should remember in practicing a diet plan for liver cancer prevention is that fat content ought to be regulated so as not to stress out the liver much more.

The Sign and Symptoms of Heartburn Problem

Knowing the signs and the symptoms of heartburn problem can be very benefiting in the prevention and cure of this medical ailment. Heartburn can be mistaken to heart disease and its signs can be mistaken to a heart attack. This is why; it is best if you can ask the advice of your doctor or undergo specific tests to rule out heart disease
when experiencing discomfort in the chest area.

The heartburn is a symptom and sign of another disorder in the digestive system and not the main problem itself. For instance, the heartburn is commonly a symptom of gastro esophageal reflux disease or GERD. The acid reflux is such a medical condition and the heartburn is a possible symptom of this condition. Heartburn can be triggered by different things but most people complain similar symptoms of it.

One is the burning sensation experienced in the chest area. It usually starts behind our breastbone or the so called sternum and up to the throat. This feeling usually happens shortly after a meal.

Next is a burning feeling in our throat area. It is usually high up in our neck or in the lower part of it. Swallowing can worsen the pain. Also, a bitter or sour taste in our mouth is a sign of heartburn problem. This occurs when the contents of our stomach are forced up into our esophagus and reach the back of our throat.

Another sign and symptom of heartburn is the difficulty when swallowing. The trouble when swallowing occurs when the foods that we eat do not normally pass our mouth
and through our esophagus and to our stomach. You may feel some kind of sensation that the food is still sticking in your throat, a burning feeling after eating, chest pressure or a choking feeling. Swallowing difficulty could be a symptom of other medical condition that includes esophageal cancer and erosive esophagitis.

For non smoking patients, sign can be chronic coughs. The coughing is due to the aspirated stomach acid reflux up in the esophagus. Some studies show that asthma is also linked to GERD so it is best if you ask your doctor for advice if you are feeling the said signs and symptoms or any discomfort in your body before it is too late to even
perform a surgery and prolong your life.