Types of Ovarian Cancer

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Do you know what cancer is? Do you know that it is very deadly? Cancer is not just a sickness. It attacks almost every organ in our body. Typically, cells only divide themselves if a body requires it to. But when it comes in to a mass division, this will cause tumor.

Ovarian cancer, for instance, is a serious disease which is characterized by the cancer cells spreading in or along the ovary. These three are the most common types of ovarian cancer.

1. Sex Cord Stromal Tumors

It is the rarest of the types of ovarian cancer compared to the other type. It is actually 10% of all the cases of ovarian cancer. This type usually produces sex steroid hormones in an abnormal manner which occurs in the stroma. Consequences of having this type are:

– abnormal bleeding of the vagina
– women’s postmenopausal
– abnormal puberty in children

2. Epithelial Ovarian Tumors

It is best described as the cells surrounding the ovaries’ surface. This is also the most common of the types of ovarian cancer and usually occurs in adult women. It encompasses 75% of all the cases of ovarian cancer. There are also sub-types of this type of ovarian cancer. These are the following:

Benign – not that severe, noncancerous, usually occurs in young women but it can still be treated
Malignant – cancerous
Invasive carcinoma – same as benign, it is not that relentless
Borderline – has a low-malignant potential, it might also has serous, endometrioid, clear cells or mucinous

3. Germ Cell Tumors

It is the egg producing cells inside the body of the ovary. It usually occurs in children and teen-agers and is kind of rare than Epithelial Ovarian cancer. It is approximately 15% of all the cases of ovarian cancers. It is like testicular cancer. It is curable.

Germ cell tumors have two sub-types. These are the following:

Dysgerminoma – most ordinary germ cell tumor. It was compared to male testicular cancer also known as seminoma.
Nondysgerminomatous tumor – it is also a rare case and also referred to as embryonal carcinoma

Other types of ovarian cancer (rare types):

– Brenner tumors is composed of 2% to %% only of all the cases of ovarian cancer
– Undifferentiated tumors also known as primitive epithelial tumors. The cancer cells are very hard to identify even in the microscope. It is about 15% of all the epithelial tumor cases.
– Transitional cell tumors – it is like carcinoma which is also not that severe and can be treated through chemotherapy.

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