Cleaning Colon Today

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One of the organs of the body that people do not really pay attention much is the colon. Most of us have become more knowledgeable about the heart, lungs, and brain, maybe because we have been exposed to more topics about them regarding cancer. The fact is, however, that colon cancer is the second deadliest type of cancer, and that most of us are not really aware of what it is, what it is for, and how what we can do to keep it healthy.

The colon, actually, makes up the most part of the large intestine, which is the final section of our digestive tract. Food travels down in this area thorough the process that is known as the peristalsis, which moves food in a rhythmic like movements. These involuntary contractions are affected by external movements of our body, which are triggered by the state in which the body is in. If our body runs in its active state, then our whole system will be set in the motion by activating a series of some cascading events. When the body moves faster, it burns more nutrients. The organs will need to come into play by now by adjusting the breakdown and the production of the different components that we need to fuel our body. This is actually what sets the pace for our digestive tract to function. If the body is in an idle or sedentary state, then digestion would be prompted to move at a slower pace.

A great way that we keep our colon from properly functioning will still remain in how we eat, how we take in liquids, and also the amount of exercise that we provide our body. To be able to assure the proper functioning of the movement of our colon, we will be needing at least 20 grams of fiber a day.

Dietary fibers have been also termed as roughage; these are the parts of vegetables and fruits that absorb a lot of water and cannot be broken down by the body. When these indigestible parts of food are carried down the digestive tract, they aid in cleaning the walls, thereby easing the defecation process.

The digestion of food can usually take about four hours from the time it is ingested, and the total elimination of waste will happen in about 24 hourse. It is normal to have one bowel movement a day, but more than three times every day may eventually cause stress to the muscles in the system.

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