Cesium Chloride: One of the Most Proven and Potent Cancer Cures

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Cesium is a highly alkaline mineral that has proven to be effective in treating various forms of cancer. In fact, cesium chloride is so effective that it has been used to successfully treat stage four cancer patients as well as those who suffer from cancers like lymphoma and leukemia, even though the cancer has already metastasized throughout the entire body.

Best of all, cesium chloride is one of the least expensive cancer cures in the world, unlike chemotherapy and radiation treatments that can leave patients and families financially ruined.

Brief History of Cesium Chloride

Cesium chloride’s cancer fighting properties were discovered back in the 1930s when A. Keith Brewer, a physicist, became involved in cancer research and developed a treatment protocol that was based on the potent alkaline mineral. The cancer treatment he developed was so effective that all 30 patients in his trial survived various forms of cancer.

Later trials conducted by another cancer researcher, Dr. H.E. Sartori in 1981 also delivered similar results with one notable exception – all of his patients were considered terminal or “end of life” – in other words, doctors had already written them off, yet Sartori’s cesium chloride cancer treatment protocol helped half of his patients survive when modern medicine and all of the supposed advanced cancer cures had failed!

How Cesium Chloride Works

Cancerous cells in the body do not receive enough oxygen because they have a hardened outer membrane that is all but impenetrable. Without sufficient oxygen, these cells cannot oxidize glucose for energy but must instead rely on fermentation to generate the fuel they need to survive. Unfortunately, this process increases the presence of lactic acid, which short-circuits the cell’s ability to control cell growth, leading to the rampant, uncontrolled cell growth that is associated with cancer.

Fortunately, cesium chloride has the unique ability to penetrate the hardened membranes of these cancerous cells. After breaching the outer defenses of cancer cells, cesium chloride, with its high alkalinity, raises the cell’s pH levels back to normal and prevents the cell from fermenting glucose for energy, which effectively causes the cancerous cells to starve.

Best of all, this treatment protocol only targets cancer cells, not healthy ones unlike the widespread, untargeted devastation that chemotherapy, radiation and other supposed cancer cures cause to any and all cells in their path.

The Most Potent Cancer Cure You Never Heard About

There’s a reason why most cancer patients have never heard of cesium chloride, despite the fact that its effectiveness has been known for 80 years – the medical community and drug companies are greedy! They would rather continue pushing ineffective and outrageously expensive toxic chemical treatments rather than accept the fact that an effective, inexpensive cure was found decades ago.

Health practitioners using cesium chloride protocols on their patients have even been attacked by the Medical Community, which means that many patients end up treating themselves. Fortunately, unlike other cancer cures, cesium chloride is a treatment protocol that requires very little supervision or knowledge, which makes it an attractive alternative to the treatments currently being pushed by the mainstream medical community.

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