The Sign and Symptoms of Heartburn Problem

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Knowing the signs and the symptoms of heartburn problem can be very benefiting in the prevention and cure of this medical ailment. Heartburn can be mistaken to heart disease and its signs can be mistaken to a heart attack. This is why; it is best if you can ask the advice of your doctor or undergo specific tests to rule out heart disease
when experiencing discomfort in the chest area.

The heartburn is a symptom and sign of another disorder in the digestive system and not the main problem itself. For instance, the heartburn is commonly a symptom of gastro esophageal reflux disease or GERD. The acid reflux is such a medical condition and the heartburn is a possible symptom of this condition. Heartburn can be triggered by different things but most people complain similar symptoms of it.

One is the burning sensation experienced in the chest area. It usually starts behind our breastbone or the so called sternum and up to the throat. This feeling usually happens shortly after a meal.

Next is a burning feeling in our throat area. It is usually high up in our neck or in the lower part of it. Swallowing can worsen the pain. Also, a bitter or sour taste in our mouth is a sign of heartburn problem. This occurs when the contents of our stomach are forced up into our esophagus and reach the back of our throat.

Another sign and symptom of heartburn is the difficulty when swallowing. The trouble when swallowing occurs when the foods that we eat do not normally pass our mouth
and through our esophagus and to our stomach. You may feel some kind of sensation that the food is still sticking in your throat, a burning feeling after eating, chest pressure or a choking feeling. Swallowing difficulty could be a symptom of other medical condition that includes esophageal cancer and erosive esophagitis.

For non smoking patients, sign can be chronic coughs. The coughing is due to the aspirated stomach acid reflux up in the esophagus. Some studies show that asthma is also linked to GERD so it is best if you ask your doctor for advice if you are feeling the said signs and symptoms or any discomfort in your body before it is too late to even
perform a surgery and prolong your life.