Paraiso maravilla, the elegant alternative.



421 W. Janisch
Texas 77018
Tel : 713 – 621-4100

Web Address:


Rick is now in his thirteenth year of professional
photography. He has served as President of the Professional Photographers
guild of Houston, an organization which has twice named him Photographer
of the Year. Rick has given programs on his innovative style of
photography to many photographers all across the southwest and has
earned the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degree
from the Professional Photographers of America. Among Rick’s dozens
of photographic awards are two Kodak Gallery Awards in Portraiture
and three Fuji Masterpiece awards.

studio philosophy is simple. Allow people to be themselves and capture
them as they are. Clients are encouraged to bring in personal possessions
to interact with to help Rick reveal an important and personal aspect
of their personality. His studio reflects his simple and timeless
attitude towards art.. a one hundred year old Victorian cottage
on a half acre with a barn, gardens, wild flowers and more. Rather
than feeling like they are at the dentist’s office, its more of
a feeling of visiting Grandma’s house. The atmosphere along with
Rick and his staff’s friendly attitude allows clients to relax and
be themselves, allowing Rick to bring out their best.


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