Delta orinoco english

The Orinoco Delta is one of the largest delta regions in the world,
with 40,240 square kilometers of mostly swamp land.  This area is covered by one of
the most dense, intricate and diverse jungles in the world, with abundant tropical fauna,
many different birds like parrakeet, parrots, macaws, kingfisher, mockingbirds, herons and
corocoras, as well as howling and capuchin monkeys, alligators, turtles, snakes like the
anaconda, river dolphins, otters and fish like the piranhas. The Warao indians is the
largest human population in the area they live mostly in the water. They are not
integrated into the rest of the Venezuelan society. They live along the rivers in their
palaffitte communities and dedicate their time to fishing, hunting, collecting fruit and
making their traditional crafts, baskets, hammocks and figures of balsa wood, famous
worldwide because of their quality an beauty. Towards the west, where the Orinoco starts
breaking into rivers is the capital of the state, Tucupita, and nearby there is a village
where people are dedicated to agriculture and cattle raising in the savannah areas. Even
with the intense traffic of ships coming from the Orinoco loaded with iron, ore and
bauxita going to the Atlantic and the intense oil exploration in the area, this region
continues to be one of the most most virgin and unexplored of our country.

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