What is your vision and budget?

The new year if approaching fast it is hard to believe this year is almost over. It is engagement season and so many trends are in place for the new year, current weddings and events.

 Many brides have asked me my opinion on using chiavari chairs or chair covers for those unattractive chairs that are sometimes provided by venues. What I can tell you is the look and elegance of a chiavari chair is amazing, but it all depends on the budget. What I have found in planning and decorating, is that some brides have a budget and then find things that they forgot to include such as the chiavari chairs.They then want to increase the budget which sometimes cause unnecessary stress. This is the last thing that a bride to be needs. The chiavari chairs are the more expensive option. However the chair cover can also provide a clean and elegant look if provided by the right vendor.

Some questions to ask vendors when making this decision is how many events the linens” live” through. Are they pressed and delivered or are they shipped from another state, pulled out of a box via ups, and put on the chairs with creases. Are there set up fees per chair? All in all if you have a budget, set aside a complete “stick to” budget for decorations that includes everything you envision. If you end up not using the whole budget you will have extra for another area. Keep in mind overall decorating is not just colored napkins and chairs. There is alot that goes into your decor to execute your vision.

I hope this helps, happy planning!

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