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Details of services offered by Holistic Performance Improvement

Soft Skill Training : 
Technical and function knowledge is not enough for success in the corporate
world. Soft skills play a very major role in the success of the individual and organizations.
I have successfully conducted a large number of workshops on the following subjects:

Benefit to the client: improved performance of the

Coaching: Many individuals sometimes find themselves in a situation
where they are unable to do justice to their potential. The block to their performance
could be due to organizational environment or some personal issues. Even the best
amongst us have a blind spot and could be helped by independent and unbiased advisors.
Having a passion for helping others improve their performance, I believe I can make
a difference to the individuals and through them to organizations.

Benefit to the client: improved performance of the
selected coachee

OD interventions: With my experience of working
in both Engineering & HRD function and having set up many departments/functions
from scratch, I believe I am well equipped to provide inputs on structuring departments,
competency mapping, climate surveys and goal setting for effective performance management
of individuals/functions within the organizations.

Benefit to the client: will depend upon the objective
of selected intervention

Technical Trouble Shooting: Under construction projects
can be severely set back due to any unintended occurrence. This could be on account
of construction errors, concrete not gaining required strength, accidental damage,
cracks or other defects noticed in the structure, unacceptable settlements etc.
Unless a cost effective and practical solution is evolved quickly, the loss of time
and money could be substantial. A person having experience of both design &
construction and practical experience of numerous problem solving is what the project
team would be looking for in such a situation.

Benefit to the client: direct cost reduction.

Technical Audits: Top management from owners,
investors or construction service providers may require an independent audit of
the ongoing construction project. The objectives of audit could range from the simple
independent monitoring on one hand to the complex value engineering/identifying
improvement opportunities. A combination of auditing skill and technical knowledge
is required for such an activity.

Benefit to the client: assurance that what is happening
on the ground is same as what is planned AND identification of avenue for improvement.

Value added Quality/safety audits:
While internal
auditors as well as auditors from certifying agencies conduct audits of the organization’s
QMS/OHSAS systems, the focus is often on fault finding. Opposed to this is the value-add
audit where the audit is used as an opportunity to make the auditee realize the
true intent of the system and commit to improvement action. This also works as a
on the job training for the auditee.

Benefit to the client: Better buy in and improvement
action from the auditee. Systemic improvement by eliminating root cause.

Technical Training: The boundaries of knowledge
are ever expanding. The academic courses cannot possibly provide comprehensive knowledge
and skill to the Engineers. The gap between theory and practice is especially large
in Civil and Construction Engineering. Organizations therefore have to often invest
in providing technical training to their engineers. With my work back ground, I
can provide training in the following subjects:

  • Concrete technology –Concrete mix design, Super vision & quality control

  • Practical Construction contract management

  • CQuality Management : Principles & Practices

  • Bridge Inspections

Benefit to the client: improved performance of the

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