Are you worried about the rising costs of Health care affecting over 300 million Americans? We are offering a FREE prescription savings card and access to discounts of up to 90% on prescription medications and up to 60% savings on the cost of lab tests and imaging services.

The RX POWER prescription savings card program has collectively saved Americans over 30 million dollars since the program was started in 2008. This was done by cutting out the middle man’s inflated profits.

This prescription savings card is totally FREE and helps all Americans. Large negotiated discounts with pharmacies were made and passed  along to the card users. The RX POWER CARD program provides Americans with a different solution to the high costs of health care by giving them FREE access to discounts on prescription medications, lab tests, and imaging services.

The prescription savings card users will get the GUAREENTED lowest price between your insurance copay, the pharmacy cash price and the RX POWER CARDprice. It is time to stop the practice of charging consumers a co-payment that is larger than the retail price the RX  POWER CARD user would pay without insurance. Over 200 million Americans receive benefits with their employer and often pay a copay that is larger than the RX  POWER CARD price. We act as the guardian in all pharmacy transactions making sure consumers always pay the lowest possible price.

We provide FREE access to insurance type savings for pharmacy, lab tests and imaging services. Our most recent addition, the EQUALIZER, now allows those with a $10 or higher insurance co-pay to also save more. It’s been found that on 7 out of 10 prescriptions, a card user will have savings and pay less than their copay just by asking “WHATS MY RX  POWER CARD PRICE?“ We believe it’s time for Americans to take control of their health care. The free prescription savings card will guarantee the lowest price at the pharmacy whether it be their insurance copay, the retail price or the RX  POWER CARD price.

Where can I use this free prescription savings card?

All major pharmacies and most independent pharmacies throughout the United States and Puerto Rico are included in this program.

How many lab and imaging centers participate in the RX  POWER CARDprogram.

The card can be used at over 2,000 labs and over 3,800 imaging centers in the United States. To locate a lab or imaging location near you, call our concierge service at 1-800-808-1213 and pick the labs and imaging option. Be sure to have your RX POWER CARD member ID and RX GROUP # ready. We will then schedule your pre-paid appointment at a location near you.

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